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Beautiful People

How do you look?

During a meeting this week the question was asked to one of our leaders, “How do you think our people look?” We were talking about the spiritual condition of our church and the commitment, or sometimes non-commitment, our people have.

Beautiful People

I’ve thought about that question since then. How do our people look? Certainly, in a physical sense, we have some beautiful people. We have those who shine like stars. They are those committed. They are the ones involved. They are the ones that can be counted on. They are the faces I see every service as I look over the congregation. Unless on death’s door, or a possible vacation, you can count on them being in church. Certainly, we have some beautiful people.

In Need Of a Makeover.

Also, we have those who could be beautiful people. Sometimes, when you look at some people, you just know that they have the potential to be beautiful. If they were cleaned up, if they styled their hair, if they applied a little makeup, you look at them and think, “If they were in a different situation; if life had treated them differently, that person would be absolutely gorgeous.”

What’s true physically is also true spiritually. I believe we have many amongst us, however rare that may be, that have the potential to be beautiful people. I’m not talking about some legalistic set of ABC’s that must be carried out. I’m talking about them allowing God to do a “makeover” on them that changes them so much they’re almost unrecognizable.

Ugly Is Clear to the Bone

Of course, there are those who are just plain ugly. The old saying that “beauty is only skin deep but ugly goes clear to the bone” may have some merit to it. In fact, it seems that with some people ugly goes clear to the heart. But you know, the good news is that God is a heart changer!

And like a Hallmark movie where an individual receives someone’s heart in a transplant and starts taking on some the gentler, loving traits of that person; when God changes our heart, we become a new person and are transformed from the inside out. This is how the Lord makes ugly people into beautiful people to be a living example of His love.

So, how do our people look? We have some beautiful people! And if you’re not one of those beautiful people, the good news is, you can be!

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