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This morning I noticed that the stimulus checks had been deposited into our account. As I was setting aside my tithe before moving it to savings (yes, I know it’s to stimulate the economy but let’s be truthful, even if I could or needed to go shopping the only thing that I’d really want to buy other than regular food items would be toilet paper), I had the thought: “what if everyone tithes on their stimulus checks in the next couple weeks?” When I let my wife know that the money was in the account and that I’d made the transfer she made the same statement concerning tithing.


It’s true that ours is a small church, compared to others. It’s also true that because we’ve been doing everything online and people thought we’d be back “in church” before now that tithes and offerings have been slim. The treasurer has had to move some money around (thankfully we had some to move around) in order to pay things like quarterly insurance, electricity, and salaries.

This past week our church had a Sunrise Drive-In service and many gave the tithes they’d been accumulating while others mailed theirs in. But still, these are difficult times. During these times we need to remember to keep the Lord’s work in mind. Yes, even when that extra money comes in.


I did a little quick calculating (not taking time to consider every member and child) but for our little church, there’d easily be well over $10,000 extra this month from the stimulus checks alone. Wow! What a stimulus that would be to the Lord’s work and our church. I realize most are going to consider this as “free” money, -- of course, nothing is free but that’s a discussion for another time -- otherwise, money that’s not really figured into anything. But I hope when you receive yours you’ll remember, as you do with your regular work checks, the church.

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