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Thank You Church Family

Dear Harmony Church Family,

Thank You!!

I wanted to take a moment and say thank you to everyone who has mailed or brought your offerings and given them to the Lord’s work. I was reminded that in the past two letters I’ve sent I gave pleas reminding us of the needs of the church and the Lord’s work. You have responded tremendously! Sister Sandra sent me the numbers yesterday and if I understood them correctly, when averaged over the past eight weeks, and compared to the same time period last year, giving is actually up. Thank you for your generosity! I realize times are difficult and unsure but you have not withheld in fear and I’m sure the Lord will bless accordingly.

Also, thank you for the great attendance the past two weeks at our Drive-In Services. I know each of us are wanting and needing to get back in the sanctuary and resume a more normal form of worship but God has blessed us with good weather and we’ve been able to be together for worship while maintaining social distancing. Thank you for coming! We will continue the 8:45 a.m. Drive-In Worship Service (because it’s a little cooler) until we’re given the OK to gather in group settings again. We will also continue to broadcast our services (Wed. at 7:00 and Sunday 8:45) on-line through Facebook LIVE on the church’s Facebook page and on the church webpage.


In Christ Service,

Pastor Bob Brown


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